17 Jul 2017

“No, I’m good.”

Then comes the inevitable lack of belief: “You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m good.”

I have a tendency to be a quiet person. If you catch me in a moment of excitement over a topic I’m particularly passionate about I’m sure I can talk your ear off. More often than not I enjoy observing. I like the quiet. I’m even happy to be alone. I’m the only person I know that took week-long vacations completely by myself.

I can finally breathe a bit in the calm of solitude. That’s why I had a tradition of spending a week alone in a wooded cabin every couple of months. No agenda. No rush. No people. No noise (other than nature). No technology (gasp!). Only me and my thoughts and a few good books.

Is that terrifying? It seems so to most people I talk to. I sometimes wonder why that is. Is it a product of our digital age? We’re wired. Connected. Rushing about. Quiet seems odd. Foreign. Abnormal. So we continue to rush. We continue to fill our schedules. We don’t want to seem unproductive, right?

There is benefit to be had by retreating a bit every so often. Our culture is so loud, vying for our attention. I’d love to some day soon be back in a cabin reading a book after having went for a hike. You should too. If you do, make sure you’re in that cabin way over there. I want to be alone.


minimalism, short, simplicity