Hi, I'm Matt Ratleph.

I'm a Christian, saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. I'm a minimalist, trying to live as lightly and calmly as possible. I'm a hacker and a creator, seeing art in code, music, and words. I'm also one of the cofounders of Umberlas, helping artists to connect through service. I hope you enjoy what I've made at least as much as I enjoyed making it.


I make music of the electronic variety, frequenting the genres of ambient, downtempo, and trip hop. If those sounds are something that would entice you, be my guest to these EPs. I don't charge anything for my music, and I hold no claim of copyright. Do with these files what you will, but please at least enjoy them.

The MLR Sessions. (2008)

  1. Calm Parts
  2. Tranquility on Fire
  3. I am X
  4. It's a Slow Process
  5. There Was a Time

A Life Lesson Well Received. (2009)

  1. She Should Be Free
  2. Just Don't Stop
  3. The Far Away Beach
  4. There's Always A Hope

The Unforgiving Journey. (2010)

  1. Joy is Attainable
  2. When This All Ends
  3. Just Want Happy
  4. The Valley Can Be Long
  5. Peace Breeds Contentment

long time coming. (2014)

  1. that's not me
  2. it's probably sunny somewhere
  3. of mice and manatees
  4. i sort of like it
  5. i like to pretend sometimes
  6. small hands and cabbage smells

the field. (2014)

  1. storm
  2. train
  3. farm

monomal. (2014)

  1. i
  2. ii
  3. iii
  4. iv

escape. (2015)

  1. floating
  2. marching
  3. drifting
  4. crawling


I'm something of a rambler. I have odd thoughts and I tend to take a while to explain them. From time to time, I may archive those musings here. I hold no claim of copyright over anything I write. Do with these posts what you will, and peruse at your leisure.


  1. The Gift of Tongues: Bridging the Gap (v0.1)