Hi, I'm Matt Ratleph.

I'm a Christian, saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. I'm a minimalist, trying to live as lightly and calmly as possible. I'm a hacker and a creator, seeing art in code, music, and words. I'm also one of the cofounders of Umberlas, helping artists to connect through service. I hope you enjoy what I've made at least as much as I enjoyed making it.


I make music of the electronic variety, frequenting the genres of ambient, downtempo, and trip hop. If those sounds are something that would entice you, be my guest to these EPs. I don't charge anything for my music, and I hold no claim of copyright. Do with these files what you will, but please at least enjoy them.

The MLR Sessions.

  1. Calm Parts
  2. Tranquility on Fire
  3. I am X
  4. It's a Slow Process
  5. There Was a Time

A Life Lesson Well Received.

  1. She Should Be Free
  2. Just Don't Stop
  3. The Far Away Beach
  4. There's Always A Hope

The Unforgiving Journey.

  1. Joy is Attainable
  2. When This All Ends
  3. Just Want Happy
  4. The Valley Can Be Long
  5. Peace Breeds Contentment


I'm something of a rambler. I have odd thoughts and I tend to take a while to explain them. From time to time, I may archive those musings here. I hold no claim of copyright over anything I write. Do with these posts what you will, and peruse at your leisure.


  1. The Gift of Tongues: Bridging the Gap (v0.1)